Unilateral contract changes

I’m starting from a completely different vantage point when it comes to work.

Now, traditionally, working for the man entails an agreement that you will trade a specified amount of your time and energy and an unspecified amount of your personal dignity and happiness for a sum of money.

I modify the agreement. Yes, I still trade time for money; but I acknowledge that the trade is unfair. So, instead, I agree to trade my time, energy and talent for money AND the opportunity to use portions of my work time and resources to pursue my personal agenda.

This doesn’t mean I spend all day playing solitaire or keeping up with MySpace. Under my new agreement, the workplace is also a creative space; it’s where I lab test ideas and work toward accomplishing life goals. Work is an opportunity to leverage resources to my own advantage, rather than always allowing myself to be used.

This is not stealing from the company.

It’s an acknowledgment that there is no reason why employment cannot be more mutually advantageous. It’s an assertion that I’m better than my circumstances. And I’ve found that, if you do it right, you’ll never be challenged; in fact, when you’re finally ready to leave the cube lifestyle behind, the boss will probably be begging you to stay.