Last Night’s LOST: Season 6, Episode 5

Well, even though Hurley is technically too tall to be a Hobbit, he bravely took on the quest to enter the dark realm of Mordor and reach the Lighthouse of Sauron.

That’s right. Smokey John/The Smoke Monster is actually The Evil Lord Sauron from a series of fantasy adventure novels written more than 50 years ago. The series is all about time travel, so it works, see?
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Last night’s LOST: Season 6 Episode 4

Dear Diary,

People just don’t understand me. I mean how would they feel if they’d spent several years of their adult life without the use of their legs? And now I don’t even have legs. I mean, not in the corporeal sense. Sure, I can get around the island faster than anyone, but I’m a cloud of freaking smoke.

I’ll tell you one thing, nobody ever hugs a smoke monster.
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