Last Night’s LOST: Series Finale

Dear Diary,

I guess sometimes all you need is a little time and some perspective.

Sure, there were some rough times, like when Jack “Jacob” Shephard totally sucker punched me just as I was home free. OH MY GOD. What a tool.

Can you imagine what it was like, Diary? One minute you’re tasting sweet victory, the next you’ve got an insane neurosurgeon leaping at you like he’s flying through the bloody Matrix. Before you know it you’re flat on your back bleeding like Nic Cage in “City of Angels.” (What an amazing film. It’s got it all! Delicious Cage-flavored eye candy, a great soundtrack, and damned if I don’t get as weepy as a Barbara Walters interview when Meg Ryan hits that log truck.)

Anyway, I’m busy bleeding to know I’m alive and Jack is beating me like he’s all Ten Freaking Tigers of Shaolin. And David Carradine. So, naturally, I stabbed him.

Didn’t see that comin’ didya Doc? I guess when Jacob said “Now you’re like me” he meant DEAD.

Of course, before I can add a Yah to my Boo, Kate “Rambo” Austin shoots me in the gorram back. In the back, Kate? Really?

I guess I could be pretty pissed about what happened to me. But you know, the only thing I could really think about, after Jack kicked me off the cliff, was what an amazing run I’ve had. I mean, most people are lucky to have one great romance in their life, and I’ve had what, at least three? Sure, none of ’em ended well, but, all things considered, I think it’s better to have tried to kill all your lovers than never to have loved at all.

In the end, I’ve had it pretty good. Work I truly enjoyed, men I wanted to enjoy, and something to live for, a goal — I really did have it all.

I mean, sure, this isn’t EXACTLY how I pictured it going down, but, in a way at least, I am finally getting off this island. I just kinda wish I was takin’ James with me.

Goodbye, Diary.


Smokey John