Hello. My name is Timothy. I live and work in Knoxville, Tennessee, very near the Smoky Mountains. We spell “smoky” without the “e” down here. Either way is correct, according to the OED, but we like it without the extra vowel.

I am, by profession, a writer — that is to say I profess myself to be a writer. I even went to the trouble of going off to college and getting myself a bachelor of fine arts degree in creative writing. I used to enjoy mentioning this at parties until I got tired of being invited to take my degree, along with fifty or so cents, and purchase a cup of coffee.

This is the nicest thing I’ve been invited to do with my degree.

I’ve had a variety of jobs, traveled the world a bit and even jumped out of a perfectly good helicopter, but I’m most proud of my accomplishments as a writer and communicator. I’ve published my writing in newspapers and magazines and I’ve won awards for my work as a columnist and music critic.

In my spare time, I write and record music. I just released an album called “Hold On My Heart.” It’s available at my Bandcamp music page. Go ahead and give it a listen.

I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve been married to an awesome lady named Kristin for nearly three years. Our anniversary is two days after Christmas, on December 27. I wrote a little essay about being married, if you’re interested. Spoiler alert: I like being married.

Kristin and I like to have date nights at least once a week. We’re lucky because we live downtown, near this really cool drive-in called Pizza Palace. The pizza is so good. I can’t even.

Lately, we’ve been establishing a Friday night ritual. We head out to the west end of our fair city and split a spaghetti marinara from Fazoli’s fast food Italian restaurant. Then we check out a movie at the second run movie house just around the corner from the food joint. It’s like two bucks a ticket so it’s kind of awesome for date night on a budget. It really wouldn’t matter what we were doing, though. We just love the chance to spend some time together.

We started a new adventure when I began the candidacy process to become an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. The process for becoming a certified candidate for ministry is long and sometimes a little arduous, but it’s also very fulfilling. And there’s a lot of comfort in doing what God has called you to do. It’s a peaceful way to live.

So, on August 2, 2011, I was certified as a candidate for ministry in the United Methodist Church. This August, it’s off to seminary.

There’s still a long road ahead, but I’m looking forward to the journey.

In the meantime, this site is a sort of chronicle of my life so far, some commentary on what’s going on in the world and, hopefully, a little bit of art to make the Internet an even more interesting place to be.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this blog.