Absolved, not pardoned

It seems silly to say out loud, but I have a fear of the present.

Everything in my life is centered on what’s going to happen. I’m putting everything off. What am I waiting on? I don’t know. Every idea I have, every hope and dream is simply something else that’s waiting.



There’s no guarantee any of the things I’m planning will ever come to pass. And, for the most part, I have no control over whether or not they do.

What I can control is me. Myself. My reaction to this very moment. And what am I doing? Predominantly nothing.
Because nothing is happening yet. So I’m absolved from acting. But this absolution doesn’t pardon me.

I should suffer no self-delusion, nor abide any excuse for the utter waste of time my life is becoming. Free-will, squandered in the meaningless pursuit of entertainment, is a far worse fate than predestination. To squander opportunity is to murder your dreams.

Even in the moments between the moments that change our lives, there’s a germ of opportunity waiting to be exploited; time remains at its post, waiting to see if I’ll use every second I’m granted to inch that much closer to a destiny, a calling, a dream.

So what am I doing right now? Am I waiting for life to happen, or am I actively becoming the person I was meant to be?

Last Night’s LOST: Season 6, Episode 14

Dear Diary,

It feels really good to be back to my old self again.

Ya know, it just seems silly now. What a funk I put myself in over James, when all I really needed to do was just stand up and be myself. If there’s one thing I learned from Oprah, it’s that you just can’t let a man define who you are as a person.

And who I am as a person is all four Horseman of the Apocalypse bundled up into one big, bald bag of hurt. Who only ever wanted to be loved.

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Last Night’s LOST: Season 6, Episode 13

Dear Diary,

Can you believe it? I mean, can you BELIEVE it?

After everything I’ve done. All the blood, sweat and smoke I poured into this relationship, James just up and left me. And he took my boat! I’m so mad right now I could burst into flame. I gave that man the best thirteen weeks of my life — minus that time I tried to get back together with Richard, the week or so I spent ogling St. Sayid and that couple minutes of blissful alone time with Dezzy the Highlander.

And you know what, Diary? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

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Last Night’s LOST: Season 6, Episode 11

Dear Diary,

Sayid is such a badass. He’s just all like boom, kick, mother-flipping SNAP. God I love him — it, I love IT.

It’s just so nice to have someone I can depend on. And now that he’s bringing me Desmond King of Scots, I just know I have the upper hand on The Bald Avenger over at Hydra Island. There’s no substitute for having good friends. Who do what you say. Without question.
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