Meredith Wilson tops my list of great American songwriters. In my mind, there’s a cage match raging between Meredith Wilson and Irving Berlin, but the Gershwin brothers are probably going to jump whoever wins in the parking lot.

Anyway, Meredith Wilson is one of my favorite purveyors of one of my favorite musical styles. Beyond Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass or Gospel (all great art forms which I love), the popular song stands as a definitive American craft. From Tin Pan Alley to Broadway to the Billboard Hot 100, pop music is unique in its ability to create mood, tell a story and lift the spirit.

I have a feeling that James Gunn’s second feature “Super” is going to be misunderstood. I’ll grant that it will probably be misunderstood for some very compelling reasons. The movie is profane and disturbing beyond belief. The violence in “Super” is shocking in the way I imagine the violence of “Robocop” must have been for its original audience. It’s raw and organic; frankly it’s disgusting.