St. Nicholas

December 6 is St. Nicholas Day. That’s right! The fella we’ve come to know as Santa Clause is as real as you and me … And he was a fourth century bishop in a placed called Myra, which was a city in the place we now call Turkey. St. Nicholas was known for his kindness Continue reading St. Nicholas

My Father

We—all of us Christians—are bound together in our baptism, no matter the river. And so nothing separates us—not even death. That’s why we pray for the departed. And that’s why I believe the saints pray for us, that the great cloud of witnesses intercedes in the name of Jesus on behalf of the those who have yet to finish the race.

St. Mary

What we believe about Mary directly impacts what we believe about Jesus. The virgin birth of Jesus is a central—essential—doctrine of Christianity. And it’s impossible for there to be a virgin birth without, well, a virgin.