St. Mary

What we believe about Mary directly impacts what we believe about Jesus. The virgin birth of Jesus is a central—essential—doctrine of Christianity. And it’s impossible for there to be a virgin birth without, well, a virgin.

Is There a Theological Way Forward for the United Methodist Church?

I know we all believe marriage is important. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be debating the future of the United Methodist Church primarily around this single issue. I believe something this important deserves theological treatment. United Methodists (and in more general terms, Evangelical Protestants) have shied away from making very many theological claims about marriage. In the process, we have ceded the definition of marriage to the civil authorities, leaving a very important question unanswered: What is the difference between civil marriage and a Christian marriage?

Between Two Worlds

In prayer, we grapple with eternity, we strive to touch the gates of heaven, to understand the mind of God and to enter into communion with the Lord. And, just as Jacob limped away from his encounter with the angel of God, we leave the experience of prayer marked as people who’ve stood in the presence of Incarnate Love.


We have a plan. Then life happens and our plans are often as windblown and worthless as the chaff our lives seem to become. Our hopes and aspirations are ultimately the means of our disappointment and chagrin. But absolute surrender to the will of God is the source of our greatest contentment.